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Elevator Heat by B.D. Rowe Review

Title: Elevator Heat
Author: B.D. Rowe
Published: December 17, 2013
Format Read/Pages: eBook/128
How I Acquired It: NetGalley
Date Finished: January 16, 2014
Find at: Amazon | Goodreads
*This book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Twenty-year-old Maddie has had a crush on Colin, her studly internship supervisor, for three long months. She struggles focusing on her work, and always finds herself gazing at his wavy brown hair, his chiseled cheekbones, his kissable lips. 

Little does she know, however, that he has feelings for her, too.
The problem is no matter how much time they spend together in the office, neither one can ever make the first move.

That is, until they both step into the old, rickety elevator late one Friday night. And things start to get a little steamy...


If you have read any of my previous reviews, you may have come across one that I did for Rowe’s Crashing Into You. I will admit it was not a glowing review in the slightest, but it is truly how I felt about that story. I requested this via NetGalley without realizing that it was the same author and I am glad I was unaware, as I probably would have skipped over this title had I known. My second venture into Rowe’s writing was much more pleasant than the first and I am glad I got to give it another chance.

Elevator Heat was a lighthearted, less steamy than I would have liked but fun all the same, read. I enjoyed both of the main characters; they had some pretty good chemistry and were not annoying in the slightest. Some of the scenes were funny and I found myself laughing, but in the best way. One thing I have some to realize is that the Rowe uses car accidents quite a lot in both the works already published. I don’t know why this is, but I can see it getting a bit old if it continues.

Overall, reading Elevator Heat was enjoyable. I sort of with that this was the full length novel and not Crashing Into You. I would have loved to see this story fleshed out a bit and I think it had some great potential to go somewhere.

3 Stars

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